Sunday, 19 November 2017

the ride after the night before

after a great night of music and beers i felt, lets just say a little below par this morning, so did Dan but for other reasons, so a small ride was prescribed, take one bike, mix with mud applied liberally to the affected areas and this should clear up after about 10 miles.
and so it was, anyone who knows me or follows the blog wouldn't be surprised how fast i can move when there is cake involved and my performance today just confirms it
ride 83
11 miles
total 1781

mid week hump ride

unusual wednesday off today so of course i went out for a ride, just to Waseley and then a play in the woods, conditions better than expected but as you can see some places are pretty cut up and boggy. it certainly gets your adrenaline going when you attempt to ride down something like this. this is "certain death", the camera always makes things look less steep than they are and this is no exception. it's also a rooty drop in at the top. i dropped in at ususl angle and it all went rong from there. sideways and with the back wheel trying to overtake the front it was a pinball like ride down through the narrow gaps in the trees, over log drop and into the washed out stream bed. miraculously i survived the trip including the drop down to the road and stayed on the bike the whole way down! 
ride 82
15 miles
total 1770

Leaf surfing

Autumn has come with a thump, suddenly there is deep leaf litter covering very soft ground. time to learn how to ride slick roots and mud again. Time to get those summer tyres off and exchange them for something with more bite.
ride 81
21 miles
total 1755

Saturday, 11 November 2017

a play in the woods

after last weeks long ride and the resulting continuation ofillness i was determined to not overdo things this week however desperate i was to get out.
So i just went for a play in the woods, sessioning a couple of trails and not really going far. Luckily having a day off in the week meant the woods were quiet and i could lurk about taking pictures of myself.
I do wonder what people think when they catch sight of me with a camera and a bike in the middle of no where running back up a trail to get into position before the timer expires and the camera starts snapping pictures Probably think I'm as mad as i often feel doing it!
so with 14 miles in the bank i was home, feeling ok and hoping that there isn't of last weeks relapse
ride 80
14 miles
total 1734

over done

so I hadn't ridden for a week after having a cold, a proper snotty one, felt grotty for two weeks but finally on Thursday things seemed to improve so when Friday arrived i was desperate to get out on the bike. it was a lovely sunny day with blue skies and reasonably warm temperatures for November in the UK.
I was still expelling vast amounts of thick mucus but i wasn't coughing and my breathing was fine. I'd arranged to meet a friend for coffee about 15 miles away from home. It was a fairly easy route with not too many climbs.
coffee was drunk, chins were wagged and i set off for home in a similar profile but not a reversal of the route I'd used on the way out and i felt great, I even detoured to take a longer route and have a late lunch on the way home (thai green chicken soup food fans). got home, showered and felt smug that i was over my cold and back in the saddle.
Saturday at work passed without incident and i was again pleased at my recovery from the ride, legs not too achy, all was well.
Sunday morning was a different story, proper relapse. felt awful, achy all over, it hurt to lift my arms and my legs felt like they'd done 100 miles into a headwind. my riding plans went on hold and all i managed was a 5 mile walk.
This is my second cold in 2 months and it's mightily pissing me off, i almost never get a cold. I'm going to look at my diet and make some lifestyle changes i think, maybe start taking some suppliments to boost my immune system and hopefully stop this decline
ride 79
36 miles
total 1720

Friday, 27 October 2017

Shirley you can't be serious!

it was  only meant to be a short ride to photograph the bike next to a particular piece of graffiti art but as is usual with these things the art is constantly evolving and just wasn't what i wanted this time so basically i wondered off and ended up doing 30 miles. even a massive thorn in the back tyre didn't dampen the day, thak goodness for tubeless and orange seal!!
ride 78
32 miles
total 1684

Thursday, 19 October 2017

re initiating a lost soul

i've not had the opportunity or if i'm honest the inclination to go out riding at night. i much prefer daylight but last saturdays ride in the dark was fun so when Alex asked if we were doing a night ride this week i thought why not.
Alex has been in the wilderness when it comes to off road riding. once prolific in the dirt, he was really into racing gravity events but he's had his head turned by a road bike in the recent past. even that though became less and less frequent. he'd basically lost what i've heard people called "his Mojo".
Once he'd suggested riding i wasn't letting him off the hook and he borrowed the shop demo full susser. I knew once he hit the trails again in the right conditions (it's still dry and dusty) he'd be hooked again.
As prediicted after a couple of hours in the dirt he was back and even the Puppys urine antics, some near misses, wrong turns into bushes and the inevitable mud pits he was still grinning at the end
welcome back Alex!
ride 77
11 miles
total 1652

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

traditional sunday fayre

i't been a while since i had a MTB session on a sunday afternoon, this is partly due to having a day free in the week and also the fact that everyone else is out in the woods on a sunday afternoon. there are families, dogs, horses etc and it's difficult to avoid them. Today though we seemed to manage it for the most part. sticking to a route away from the honeypots such as the cafes and car parks (people don't seem to stray far from these) we got quite a few good runs in and then tacked on a good loop to add some mileage, it can't all be fun! actually it is. it's always to sit on the sofa on a Sunday night with your legs burning from the effort compounded with the tingle of nettle strikes
ride 76
23 miles
total 1641

rare saturday ride

Free from commitments on a saturday after work I met Ian for a great night ride in the woods. the weather was hot and humid and the trails "buff". we smashed a few descents and ground up some climbs and as it was the weekend we decided a pint was in order. we gate crashed a 50th birthday party too and i got some lovely free food!
ride 75
10 miles
total 1618

one is never enough

not satisfied with one ride today i took the fat bike out in the afternoon for a tour of the local wood. Perfect time during the week as they are empty and great for playing in.
ride 74
9 miles
total 1608